Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited




Refusal of Information



Registration No._______














Dear Sir,


We have examined your requirement of information and We are not in a position to furnish the desired information as the same 


1.                    Does not pertain to us;


2.                    Exempted from disclosure under Section 8,  sub-section ( ___  );



3.                    Exempted from disclosure under Section 9,  sub-section ( ___  );


4.                    Any other reason, please specify:________________________;


In case you desire, you may approach/write to the Appellate Authority,  in BHEL, within 30 days time from date of  this letter as above, at t the address given below:


The Company Secretary,

Member Secretary - Appellate Committee

BHEL, Corporate Office

BHEL House, Sirifort

New Delhi-110049

Yours sincerely,



  (Public Information Officer)

  For Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.,

    Place: ______________________

 Distt.: ______________________