Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Bhopal


Information required with enquiry for rectifier equipment
  1. Number of Rectifier Equipment required, details of associated line equipment metering, protection & Control equipment
  2. DC load requirement (with maximum & minimum DC voltage range and current requirement)
  3. Details of input AC system (with variation & fault level expected)
  4. Main Transformer details (including type of cooling & terminations and dimensional limitations if any)
  5. Rectifier details (including type of cooling) & dimensional limitation if any.
  6. Details of control, protection & metering. Type of control required (constant current/constant voltage etc.) in case of number of parallel units individual or group control or both.
  7. Parallel operation: if equipment is expected to operate in parallel with any existing equipment, full details of existing equipment may be given.
  8. Service conditions: Ambient average and maximum temperature, humidity, altitude and type of atmosphere prevalent
  9. Cooling water Details of available cooling water (including chemical analysis) and maximum temperature of cooling water
  10. General Requirement
    1. Details of available auxiliary power
        AC voltage frequency KVA phases
        DC Volts Ampere hour capacity of battery.
    2. Preferred physical arrangement (Rectiformer Construction/Conventional construction)
    3. Inter connections
    4. Finish of equipment

  Any other specific details which customer may like to give.

For General Enquiry & Service Request   

Addl General Manager (Commercial)
Switchgear Controlgear Sales
Block IV Annexe WW FF
BHEL Bhopal, India-462 022

General Manager
Control Equipment Engineering
Block III Annexe WW GF
BHEL Bhopal, India-462 022