Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited Bhopal

Ancillary & Subcontracting Department

Tender Notice No: ASC /E6283018


·         Sealed e-tender are invited in Two-Part Bid for “Pine Wood Packing cases Large Plain.” as per Enquiry No.  E6283018. All annexures enclosed, should be signed, sealed/ stamped & submitted along with techno-commercial bid (Part I). Bid is to be submitted through e-procurement site only before 3:00 PM hrs. (IST) on or before 05.10.2018.

·         Procedure to submit tender:- Quotations should be submitted in two parts. Tender is to be submitted through online mode only by logging into BHEL e-procurement website till due date 05.10.2018 (3:00 PM IST). Offers can be submitted through online process only and thus vendor necessarily require to buy Class-III Digital signature certificates (DSC) issued by certifying authorities in India (for details visit with signing and encryption facility.

·         Tender cost of Rs. 1000/- is to be deposited by Demand Draft/ Cheque in favor of “BHEL Bhopal” payable at Bhopal and copy of same is to be attached with technical bid (Part-I) and original copy is to be sent to BHEL Bhopal. Scanned copy is to be attached along with tender or tender fee can be submitted online and their receipt is to be attached in E-tender. MSE including NSIC/ Udyog Aadhar registered vendors are exempted from submission of tender fees subjected to submission of valid UAM, MSE and NSIC certificate as a proof. In case tender fee is submitted in the form of DD, original copy is to be sent to BHEL Bhopal.

·         Procedure for Online submission of Tender Fee is given below:- (i) Please enter the following link in your internet address browser or click on the following link Please click on “proceed” after clicking “Check Box” to proceed for payment. (ii) Now the SBI’s SB-Collect site gets opened. Please select state of Corporation as “Madhya Pradesh” and type of Corporation as “Industry” and then click on ‘’GO” appearing on the screen. (iii) Now select “Bharat Heavy Electricals, Bhopal” from the dropdown table appearing against “Select Industry” and click submit. (iv) Now select “Deposit of Tender Cost” category from the dropdown table appearing against “select category” and click submit.


 Instruction related to fill formats are mentioned:-



Please Select “TCOST”

Name of the depositor*


Name of your firm, on whose name tender are submitting.

Enquiry or Tender ref No.*


Enquiry No. or Notice of Tender Reference No (i.e “E- 6283018  ”for this Tender  )

Enquiry or Tender Ref No. Date *


Enquiry date or Notice of tender Reference No Date.

Tender Issuing Dept*


Department Name who invites tender (I.e.”ASC” for this Tender )

Amount Deposited*


Amount of Tender Fees



Additional information required to be mention, if any


Note :-

1)        Only Indigenous vendors are allowed to participate in the tender i.e. vendor having their own

factory / works in India are only eligible to participate in this tender.

2)        Paper bid in not acceptable, tender should be submitted online (e-procurement portal)

3)        Duly filled registration form  (available at should be submitted , however parties registered with BHEL ,Bhopal are exempted for registration form submission.

4)        In case of online payment, e-receipt must be submitted along with Part-I (Techno-commercial  bid).

5)        All documents uploaded in e-portal along with the offer should be signed and sealed.

6)        Qualified supplier of tender if not yet registered with BHEL Bhopal, have to fill the vendor assessment forms along with necessary documents for getting of registration in BHEL, Bhopal otherwise their offer may not be considered further. Parties already registered with BHEL, Bhopal need not fill the registration form. The 17 page registration form is to be downloaded from or from hyperlink

7)        All corrigenda, addenda, amendments, time extensions, clarifications, etc. to the tender will be hosted on BHEL websites ( and only. Bidders should regularly visit web sites to keep themselves updated.

8)        Reverse auction additional terms and conditions:

·       “BHEL reserves the right to go for Reverse Auction (RA) (Guidelines as available on instead of opening the sealed envelope price bid, submitted by the bidder. This will be decided after techno-commercial evaluation. Bidders to give their acceptance with the offer for participation in RA. Non-acceptance to participate in RA may result in non-consideration of their bids, in case BHEL decides to go for RA.

·      Those bidders who have given their acceptance to participate in Reverse Auction will have to necessarily submit ‘Process compliance form’ (to the designated service provider) as well as ‘Online sealed bid’ in the Reverse Auction. Non-submission of ‘Process compliance form’ or ‘Online sealed bid’ by the agreed bidder(s) will be considered as tampering of the tender process and will invite action by BHEL as per extant guidelines for suspension of business dealings with suppliers/ contractors (as available on

·      The bidders have to necessarily submit online sealed bid less than or equal to their envelope sealed price bid already submitted to BHEL along with the offer. The envelope sealed price bid of successful L1 bidder in RA, if conducted, shall also be opened after RA and the order will be placed on lower of the two bids (RA closing price & envelope sealed price) thus obtained. The bidder having submitted this offer specifically agrees to this condition and undertakes to execute the contract on thus awarded rates.

·      If it is found that L1 bidder has quoted higher in online sealed bid in comparison to envelope sealed bid for any item(s), the bidder will be issued a warning letter to this effect. However, if the same bidder again defaults on this count in any subsequent tender in the unit, it will be considered as fraud and will invite action by BHEL as per extant guidelines for suspension of business dealings with suppliers/ contractors (as available on” As a reminder to the bidders, system will flash following message (in RED Color) during the course of ‘online sealed bid’:

·       In case BHEL decides not to go in for Reverse auction procedure for this tender enquiry/RA fails/the rates received in the RA are not acceptable to BHEL, then BHEL reserves the right to open the sealed price bids (Part-II) and price impacts, if any, already submitted and available with BHEL & consider the same for ordering/award of contract.