Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited Bhopal


DATE :06.08.2018


NIT NO.  ELX/GPX/18/02


Sub :- Preventive & breakdown maintenance of electrical equipment installed in various electrical substation around the factory.


Sealed  Tender is invited for the work  " Preventive & breakdown maintenance of electrical equipment installed in various electrical substation around the factory", as per particulars of the tender given below:-


1.1   Last date of submission of tender            :   31/08/2018 upto 11:00AM

1.2   Tender opening date and time                  :   31/08/2018 at 02:00PM

1.3   Contract Period                                         : Twelve Months from WO.  

1.4   Payment terms                                          : By Quarterly running & final bills

1.5   PVC/ORC                                                  : Not applicable.

1.6   Bonus Clause                                            : Clause 4.6 of Annexure-III

1.7   Penalty Clause                                          : Clause 24 of Annexure-I Sp. Condition.                                 


1.            Bidders are advised to read and understand the tender document properly.

2.            Bidder must fulfil the PQC (Pre Qualification Criteria) criteria for further consideration.

3.            Scope of work and special  conditions  are  given in Annexure-I,  General Terms & Conditions in Annexure-II  and  Instructions  to  Contractor for statutory  compliance   for  Works  Contract in  Annexure III & IV, General but obligatory instructions in Annexure-V, BHEL’s terms and condition for HSE norms in Annexure-VI , and Tentative tools list in Annexure-VII.

4.            Cost  of  tender  documents enclosed  herewith  is  Rs. 500/-  (Rupees Five Hundred  only), +GST, which  is  non-refundable.

5.            The tender must be accompanied by Earnest Money deposit of Rs. 28080.     (Rs. Twenty Eight Thousand and Eighty only).

6.            Tenderer may also submit one time EMD of Rs 5, 00,000 for exemption of payment  EMD with each tender after taking permission from AGM (ELX).

7.            Tenders received without remittance of earnest money are likely to be rejected.

8.            The EMD / Tender fee shall be accepted through electronic mode only (NEFT/RTGS/Net Banking/POS/SB Collect etc.) Link to access SB (state bank) collect is Help for first time user is also available at the link.


9.            Tenderer have to submit their offer in Two Bid (Technical bid & Price bid). Technical (all papers except schedule-A) & Price bid(only schedule-A)  should be submitted in two different envelope separately and both the envelope should be kept in one envelop. On all envelopes, Tender's name, NIT no. and date of Tender opening must be mentioned. Else, tender submitted by the party will not acceptable.


10          Tenderer should dully fill and also submit all the documents as mentioned in DATA CHECK LIST along with the offer.


10.         In case any terms and conditions are not acceptable to the tenderer, same should be clearly stated in the tender.


11.         Tender   should be valid for a period of 90 days from the date of opening.


12.          Tenderer are requested to submit their lowest offer subject to BHEL's terms and conditions for the above work, so as to reach the Tender Room at Admn. Bldg. Ground Floor, BHEL, Piplani, Bhopal 462022 on or before the due date by 11.00 AM.


13.          All tender  papers duly filled in and signed by the tenderer must be enclosed with the tender, as proof of the acceptance of the conditions


14.          Rates shall be quoted clearly mentioning the GST also.


15.          All schedule A items are interrelated and L1 will be decided on overall price, and contract shall be awarded to single party only.


16.         The Tenderers are required to quote for the complete scope of work with the lowest possible rate. The Tenderers quoting for part of the work or incomplete in any respect are likely to be rejected.


17.          If rates quoted by party is less than the minimum wages of skilled and unskilled labour as declared by CLC (ref Schedule-B) their offer shall be rejected.


18.          BHEL reserves the right to accept or reject any of the bid / all bids with or without deviation or cancel / withdraw the invitation for bid without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such case no bidder shall have any claim arising out of such action by BHEL.


        (Prateek Singh)