Sealed tenders are invited by BHEL Bhopal in two-part bid system (Techno-commercial bid & price bid) from the bidders fulfilling qualifying criteria mentioned in tender documents for the below mentioned work.

   Name & details of the work: 



Name of work

Schedule ‘A’ Approx. Cost         

 (In Rs.)

Earnest Money   in Rs.

Completion Period

Tender Cost     (in Rs.)






Removal of honey bee hives in an environment friendly way inside factory area.

Total price of the package comprising Annexure-I to be quoted by the bidders.


12 Months


500/- +  GST extra @12% (500/- + 60/- =560/-)

FCX/ 18191007


1.1           Last Date & time for submission of tender:  02.07.2018  Upto 11.00 AM


1.2 Date & time of opening of tender              :  02.07.2018 at  2.00 PM onwards.


1.3 All the envelopes should be dropped in the tender box (green box) available In tender room at Ground floor, Administrative building before 11.00 AM repeat upto 11.00 AM of opening date of tender. All the envelopes will be removed from the tender box at 2.00 PM for numbering and entering in the register.  (Division’s authorized representative will be present at 2.00 PM along with necessary files and register) Tender received after 11.00AM will be treated as LATE TENDER. Such late tender will not be considered under any circumstances.

1.4 For two part bids (one techno- commercial bid and the other price bid), the tenderer has to put techno-commercial bid in one envelope properly sealed and tenderer should super scribe over the envelope as Techno-commercial bid. The tenderer has to put price bid in another envelope properly sealed and tenderer should super scribe over the envelope as Price bid. These two envelopes should be put in a third bigger envelope properly sealed.

1.5 Tenderer will be permitted in tender room to witness the tender opening from 2.00 PM onwards only.


2. (a) PAN number is essential to be submitted by the tenderer for participation in tender.

    (b) Possession of PF & ESI nos is a statutory requirement. It is, therefore, desirable that the tenderer submits them along with his techno-commercial bid. A tenderer may, however, be considered for qualification techno-commercially even if he is, already, not in possession of the same or if he does not submit them along with his techno-commercial bid.

            Such a tenderer, on becoming successful and upon award of work, shall, however, be required to mandatorily submit PF & ESI registration numbers within 15 days or some other period as specified by the department (as the case may be) after the date of issuance of Letter of Intent (LOI) but before deployment of labour to commence the work failing which penal action as deemed fit shall be taken by the department against the tenderer.

            Such a tenderer shall, in this regard, give an undertaking in writing along with his techno-commercial bid that he would submit PF & ESI registration numbers subsequent to award of work through LOI as desired by the department. 


3. All corrections/corrigendum will be given in our website ONLY and shall not be published in press. Therefore, all the tenderers/ bidders are requested to be in touch with our website till the last date and time of submission of tender.

4.  Visit our web site for detailed information.

5. Tenderers have to bring authority letter from their respective firms/organisations to witness the proceedings of tender opening.

6.  For any tender related information please contact Phone no.0755-2502509 and 0755-2505136 Email:

7. The party must have phone & mobile facility for effective communication during the entire contract period. The numbers   are to be submitted along with bid.

8.   BHEL reserves all rights to cancel any or all the tenders without giving any prior notice or cause.

9.   Delay in execution of work may attract penalty as per relevant clause of special terms & conditions.


10.  In case, past performance of the tenderer is found to be unsatisfactory, BHEL reserves the right not to consider such tender.


11. The tenderer must put his seal and signature in every documents submitted in the Bid. Bids submitted by the tenderer with incomplete documents may not be considered and further correspondence may not be done with the tenderer in this regard because time is the essence of the contract.

12. Quoted rates must be inclusive of all taxes, duties, royalties etc. except GST, which is to be specified with GST registration number.


13. The quoted rate shall be exclusive of GST. GST shall be payable extra to the contractor after compliance of all GST rules and regulations. For details refer clauses Taxes & duties under special condition.   

14.  BHEL reserves the right to disqualify any tenderer on the basis of unsatisfactory past performance in any division or unit of BHEL or any other PSU or Govt. organization. The decision of the department shall, in this regard, be final and binding on the tenderer.


15. The contractor shall maintain daily progress report and submit the same to Engr.-in- charge/ Zone-in-charge as per his instruction failing which penalty as deemed fit may be imposed on the contractor.


16. After issuance of LOI the contractor has to complete all the required formalities and execute the contract agreement in time as stipulated in LOI failing which penalty as mentioned in Annexure-Y shall be imposed. This has also been mentioned in special terms & conditions of this tender.


17. Qualifying criteria :  

(a)           Technical / Work Experience: To assess the technical capability of the Tenderer / contractor, documents showing work of similar nature such as removal of honey successfully done by the tenderer /contractor against a completed work order during the last seven years ending on 30.04.2018 should be submitted by him along with the technical bid as following :

one work not less than Rs.0.49 lakh or

two works of not less than Rs.0.31 lakhs each or

three works of not less than Rs.0.24 lakhs each


18. On the tender opening date, only Techno-commercial bid will be opened.


19. In case of a tie between the tenderers in regard of the total quoted lowest amount in a tender (to be decided on overall lowest basis) revised sealed price bid shall be obtained from the tenderers amongst whom the tie has occurred. Even after obtaining the revised sealed price bid, if again a tie occurs, then, to break this tie, lottery system shall be resorted to by the department for deciding L-1 tenderer.


20. Short closure penalty - In case of completion of the contract below 90% of C.A. value without instruction of department, a lump sum penalty of 10.00% of C.A. value will be imposed on the contractor for leaving the work incomplete. GST will be charged extra on penalty.


21. It will be sole responsibility of the contractor to submit final bill in time, not exceeding three months from the date of completion of work. The bills submitted after the three months of completion of work shall be treated as late bills. BHEL shall consider deduction at 2% of the bill amount per month for such late bills subject to a ceiling of 10% of the bill amount at the discretion of the department. The decision of the head of the department shall be final and binding on the contractor in this matter.

22. Payment to the Contractor, as per the standard practice, shall, normally, be released within ninety days after the submission of bill by the contractor to the department. 

23. BHEL reserves the right to short-close the contract at any stage without assigning any reason thereof with a prior notice of 15 days. The contractor shall, in such a case, be entitled for payment by BHEL for the portion of work executed till the effective date of short closure of the contract. It is, however, made clear that such a short-closure shall not amount to breach of contract by BHEL & the contractor shall not be entitled to get any compensation for the damages on account of such short-closure.


24. The Contractor shall obtain and submit the central labour license as per prevailing rules after award of work through work order.


25. Total price of the package combining Annexure I to be quoted by the bidders which shall form the basis for comparison for deciding lowest bid. For further processing and award, total quoted amount by the L1 (lowest) bidder for the package shall be used for deriving individual item rate by BHEL based on % (percentage) weightage specified at Annexure-I of Price Schedule.


26. EMD/SD/Tender Fee will be accepted only in electronic Mode, which can be deposited on line through following link as mentioned below :


27. The procedure of depositing EMD/SD/Tender Fee is reiterated below:

(a)           For depositing amount online, depositor has to open SB-Collect through Online E-Payment option available on Internet ( under caption new link)

(b)           After reading the instruction for depositing the amount; EMD & Tender Fee amount shall be deposited. EMD and Tender Fee may please be deposit together under EMD module where the EMD & Tender Fee both are applicable

(c)           After the successful payment DU No shall be generated from the banking system

(d)           After depositing the amount, Depositor has to fill Deposit slip available on Internet ( under caption new link) by selecting required Enquiry number. Tender Fee and EMD may please be enter separately.

(e)           As and when credit received in BHEL account, automatic mail sent to the depositor.

            [For first time user “Help Documents” is also available on page under which general information relating to procedure for depositing amount is available on page number 2 and 3. In addition to above for specific query related to type of deposit, demo with the template is also on respective page mentioned on page no 2 of the help documents.]                          


28. “The Bidder along with its associate/collaborators/sub-contractors/sub-vendors/ consultants/service providers shall strictly adhere to BHEL Fraud Prevention Policy displayed on BHEL website and shall immediately bring to the notice of BHEL Management about any fraud or suspected fraud as soon as it comes to their notice.”



29 Erasure/ Cutting / Overwriting use of whitener / Columns left unfilled in tenders, if any , shall be initiated along with date and time and numbered by the officials opening the tenders.


            Total number of such noticed alterations / or the absence of any alteration / should be explicitly marked on the first page of the bid and  announced in public bid opening. In absence of any alteration / overwriting  / whitener / blanks , the remark “no correction noted” should be written.


            Bid should be free from correction, overwriting, using corrective fluid  , etc. Any  inter lineation, cutting , erasure or overwriting shall be valid only if they are attested under full Signature(s) of persons(s) signing the bid etc. else bid shall be liable for rejection. 



                            For and on behalf of




No. FCX/2018-19/             DT.                                                                                        

Manager (FCX/PLG)




1        PRICE BID