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TENDER NOTICE NO: FDX/TGM/18-19/PM/02; Dated: 02.06.2018

Due date for opening of Tender on 22.06.2018


Sealed tenders are invited in two part bid system (1) Techno-Commercial bid (2) Price bid.



Name of Work

Earnest Money

(in Rs.)

Completion Period

Tender Cost  (in Rs.)




Pre. maint./Breakdown and servicing work of other important 51 no’s m/cs. of TGM Div. for one year in 1st & 2nd shift.

10,050/- OR

One Time EMD


1 Year



GST Extra



Bid: - Two-part


2. Price


1.1. Last Date & time for submission of tender     :           22.06.2018 Up to 11.00 AM.

1.2. Date & time of opening of tender                    :           22.06.2018 at 2.00 PM onwards.

1.3. All the envelopes should be dropped in the tender box (green box) available in tender room at Works Tender Box, Tender Room, Administrative Building, Ground Floor, BHEL Bhopal 462022. Before 11.00 AM of opening date of tender. All the envelopes will be removed from the tender box at 2.00 PM for numbering and entering in the register.  (Division’s authorized representative will be present at 2.00 PM along with necessary files and register). Tender received after 11.00AM will be treated as LATE TENDER. Such late tender will not be considered under any circumstances.    


2. Tender documents can be downloaded from: or


3. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) amount of Rs. 10,050/- shall be payable as follows: - Tenderer/bidder shall make interest Free Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) to BHEL in the following forms before submitting the tender offer and the proof of payment has to be enclosed with the offer:

(i)   Electronic Fund Transfer credited in BHEL account (before tender opening)


EMD of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned immediately after the award of work order to successful bidder. EMD of successful bidder shall be converted into Security Deposit & retained by BHEL and the balance SD amount shall be deducted progressively from contractor’s running bills as per the Works Policy.


4. The tender cost of Rs. 100/- is to be deposited through Demand Draft in favour of BHEL, Bhopal or cash. However, if the tender is downloaded from website.  Demand Draft (as tender fees) along with the tender. GST on tender fees shall be extra.


5. The tenderer must put his seal and signature in every documents submitted in the Bid. Bids submitted by the tenderer with incomplete documents may not be considered and further correspondence may not be done with the tenderer in this regard because time is the essence of the contract.


6.   a. PAN number is essential to be submitted by the tenderer for participation in tender.

      b. Possession of PF & ESI Nos. is a statutory requirement. It is, therefore, desirable that the   tenderer submits them along with his techno-commercial bid.


7. All corrections/corrigendum will be given in our website ONLY and shall not be published in press. Therefore all the tenderers/ bidders are requested to be in touch with our website till the last date and time of submission of tender.


8. The party must have phone & mobile facility for effective communication during the entire contract period. The numbers   are to be submitted along with bid.


9. BHEL reserves all rights to cancel any or all the tenders without giving any prior notice or cause.


10. Delay in execution of work may attract penalty as per relevant clause in tender enquiry.


11.  In case, past performance of the tenderer is found to be unsatisfactory, BHEL reserves the right not to consider such tender.


12. The tenderer must put his seal and signature in every documents submitted in the Bid. Bids submitted by the tenderer with incomplete documents may not be considered and further correspondence may not be done with the tenderer in this regard because time is the essence of the contract.


13. The quoted rate shall be exclusive of GST. GST shall be payable extra to the contractor against submission of service tax registration number and production of documentary proof of payment of service tax to the concerned Govt. Department.  


14. BHEL reserves the right to disqualify any tenderer on the basis of unsatisfactory past performance in any division or unit of BHEL or any other PSU or Govt. organization. The decision of the department shall, in this regard, be final and binding on the tenderer.


15. On the tender opening date, only Techno-commercial bid will be opened.


16. The Contractor shall obtain and submit the central labour license as per prevailing rules after award of work through work order.


17. For any tender related information please contact Phone no. 0755-2505237 and 0755-2503743, Email: or


18. BHEL reserves the right to short-close the contract at any stage without assigning any reason thereof with a prior notice of 15 days. The contractor shall, in such a case, be entitled for payment by BHEL for the portion of work executed till the effective date of short closure of the contract. It is, however, made clear that such a short-closure shall not amount to breach of contract by BHEL & the contractor shall not be entitled to get any compensation for the damages on account of such short-closure.



Dy. Mgr.(FDX)

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Mobile : 7770800713

Tel: 0755-2503743



(i)        Scope of Work                                                                       : -          Annexure - I

(ii)       Pro forma for Technical Bid                                                : -         Annexure - II

(iii)      Pro forma for Price Bid.                                                       : -         Annexure - III

(iv)      BHEL Bhopal HRM – CLC General Terms & Condition     : -         Annexure - IV

(v)       Instructions to the Tenders                                                 : -         Annexure - V

(vi)      Statutory Compliances to be followed by Contractor           

            General Terms & Conditions                                               : -         Annexure - VI

(vii)     Pre-Qualifying Criteria                                                          : -         Annexure - VII

(viii)     Nit cover Page