Modernisation Division

Block – 7, BPRV Annexe,

Piplani, Bhopal – 462 022  M.P. (India)

Phone No.: +91 755  2503704 / 2502728/2503085

Press Tender Notice No.: MM/MOD/18-19/10



Online bids  in Two Part Bid System are invited for Supply of the following item:



Enquiry no.




(in Rs.)

Due date



MG Set 15 MVA, 0-11KV,3-Phase,250 Hz Variable Frequency Drive.

1 Set




Complete tender document are available on BHEL e-Tendering website and the tender to be submitted online along with the proof of  EMD  submission. Bids to be submitted before 3.00 pm on the due date.


Tenders may not be considered if:


(1)     Tender not submitted in two bid, i.e., technical and price bid separate.

(2)     Copy of agreement between principal and Indian agent (in case offer is submitted through agent) indicating scope of work of Indian agent and agency commission payable to him is not enclosed with the technical bid.

(3)   Authorization letter from the manufacturer is not enclosed with the technical bid when the offer is submitted by trading / marketing agency.

(4)       Duly signed on every page and stamped Integrity Pact is not received in original along with technical bid.


“Integrity Pact (IP)


(a)  IP is a tool to ensure that activities and transactions between the Company and is Bidders/ Contractors are handled in a fair, transparent and corruption free manner. Following Independent External Monitors (IEMs) on the present panel have been appointed by BHEL with the approval of CVC to oversee implementation of IP in BHEL.





Phone & Email


Shri D.R.S. Chaudhary

IAS (Retd.)

E-1/164, Arera Colony Bhopal 462016 (M.P.)


Mrs. Pravin Tripathi,

IA & AS (Retd.)

D-243,Anupam Gardens, Lane IB, Neb Sarai, Sainik Farms, New Delhi-110 068


(b) The IP as enclosed with the tender is to be submitted (duty signed by authorized signatory) along with techno-commercial bid (Part-I, in case of two/three part bid). Only those bidders who have entered into such an IP with BHEL would be competent to participate in the bidding. In other words, entering into this Pact would be a preliminary qualification.


(c)  Please refer Section-8 of IP for Role and Responsibilities of IEMs. In case of any complaint arising out of the tendering process, the matter may be referred to any of the above IEM(s). All correspondence with the IEMs shall be done through email only.




No routine correspondence shall be addressed to the IEM (phone/post/email) regarding the clarifications, time extensions or any other administrative queries, etc. on the tender issued. All such clarification/issues shall be addressed directly to the tender issuing (procurement) department’s officials whose contact details are provide below:


Details of Contact Person(s):


     (1)                                                         (2)     


     Name:     Sh. Piyush Jain                            Name:   Sh. Sumit Kumar


     Deptt:     Modernisation                            Deptt:    Modernisation


     Address: Block - 7, BPRV Annexe               Address: Block - 7, BPRV Annexe

                   BHEL,Bhopal-462022                                BHEL,Bhopal-462022


     Phone:(Landline/Mobile)                            Phone:(Landline/Mobile)

                   0755-2502728                                     0755-2503704

                   9425604344                                        9406903576



     Fax:                                                Fax:                  



1. For evaluation, exchange rate (TT selling rate of SBI) as on scheduled date of tender opening (technical bid in case of two part bid) shall be considered.


2. EMD - EMD  shall be paid only through online payment mode , no other payment mode is acceptable. For payment in Foreign Currency -  This can be swift transferred to BHEL’s account no. 10170392780 , Swift code - SBININBB117, IFSC code-SBIN0001920, for payment in Indian currency -as per the procedure for online payment as mentioned below and proof of swift transfer i.e E-receipt must be attached along with Part – A (Techno-commercial bid).  For Payment in Indian currency through NEFT/RTGS  the details are  BHEL’s  A/c No.-30855948540, IFSC code- SBIN0000519.


Following shall be exempted from EMD:

a)            Central / State – PSUs / Government Departments.

b)           Micro and Small Enterprises (NSI / DIC Certificate required)

    (2.1) EMD will be forfeited if the successful bidder / vendor refuses to honor the Purchase Order after award of the same on him and / or withdraw his bid and / or unilaterally changes the offer and / or any of its terms & conditions within the validity period.  

(2.2) EMD given by all un-successful bidders shall be refunded on acceptance of award / LOI / PO by successful bidder. The EMD of successful bidder shall be returned on submission of Performance Bank Guarantee by the vendor after acceptance of equipment at BHEL.


(2.3) EMD shall not carry any interest.

Procedure for online submission of EMD is given below:-

(1)               Please enter the following link in your internet address browser or click on the following link Please click on “proceed”  after clicking “Check Box” to proceed for payment.

(2)               Now the SBI’s SB-Collect site gets opened. Please select state of Corporation as “Madhya Pradesh” and type of Corporation as “Industry” and then click on ‘’GO” appearing on the screen.

(3)               Now select “Bharat Heavy Electricals, Bhopal” from the dropdown table appearing against “Select Industry” and click submit.

(4)               Now select “Deposit Of Earnest  Money Deposit ” category from the dropdown table appearing against “select category” and click submit.


Instruction related to fill formats are mentioned



Please  Select “EMDEP ‘’

Name  of the depositor *

Name of your  firm ,on  whose name  tender  are submitting .

Enquiry  or  Tender  ref  No.*

Enquiry  No. or Notice  of  Tender Reference  No. (i.e“E8083009’’ for  this  Tender )

Enquiry  or Tender  Ref No.  Date  *

Enquiry  date or Notice  of  tender  Reference No Date.

Tender Issuing Dept*

Department Name  who Invites  tender(i.e“MOD ’’ for  this  Tender )

Amount  Deposited *

Amount  of  EMD


Additional information  required to be mention , if  any


 (5) Bidder to quote price of ‘Supply portion’ and ‘ Supervision of Erection & Commissioning  charges’ separately.


(6)  Invalidation of EPCG License shall be arranged in favour of indigenous vendor to avail custom duty benefit for import portion declared by the vendor.


(7)  All Bank Guarantees shall be strictly as per BHEL’s formats. No deviation will be accepted. Also, in lieu of BG, stand by LC will not be accepted. In case order is to be placed on Foreign Vendor then the BG must be in foreign currency.

(8)  Details on Capacity / Supply and E & C performance of Bidder:

Bidder must furnish specific details of company performance in the enclosed Annexure – I (A. Capacity Details, B. Performance of Supplies to BHEL).

Submission of this information by vendors is mandatory. BHEL reserves the right to reject the offer, if past performance of the bidder is evaluated to be unsatisfactory and / or false information is given by the bidder.  


(9)    Please quote your best rate through your DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)in our E-      Tender system on or before due date. Paper bid will not be  accepted in E-Tender.


(10) "The Bidder along with its associate/ collaborators/ sub-contractors/ sub-vendors/  consultants/ service providers shall strictly adhere to BHEL Fraud Prevention Policy displayed on BHEL website and shall immediately bring to the notice of BHEL Management about any fraud or suspected fraud as soon as it comes to their notice."



Note:  Tender  should be submitted online on BHEL e-Tendering website Late tenders will not be considered.


All corrigenda, addenda, amendments, time extensions, clarifications, etc., to the tender will be hosted on BHEL websites ( , and ONLY. Bidders should regularly visit web sites to keep themselves  updated.