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Enquiry No. : STM/FTX/1819/301/02                                           

Dated : 31/05/2018


Partial Reconditioning of Morando CNC Lathe M/c (20/A/2013).


1.0               Sealed tenders are invited for carrying out the above work as per the details given in the Scope of Work (refer Annexure-II), General Terms & Conditions, Instructions to Contractor for Statutory Compliances for Contract, and Statutory Safety Clause are attached along with the tender Enquiry.


2.0               S No.

3.0               Name of Work

Earnest Money in Rs.

Completion Period

Tender Cost in Rs.


Partial Reconditioning of Morando CNC Lathe M/c (20/A/2013).

As per Annexure I( Clause 3 )

Contract is for a period of 12 weeks


2.0          Date of Publication of the Tender             :               31-05-2018

3.0          Tender Opening Date & Time                     :               22-06-2018 at 02:00 pm

4.0          Place of Tender submission                        :               Works Tender Box, Tender Room ADM Building, Ground Floor, BHEL, Bhopal 462022

5.0          Contract Period                                                :              12 weeks from the release of machine.

6.0 The Contractors are requested to submit original tender documents duly signed and sealed along with formats following.

6.1 ESI Code No., PF Code No., LABOUR LICENCE No., PAN no. etc.

All corrigendum, corrections, amendments, time extensions, clarifications etc, to the tender notice will be hosted on BHEL website ( and Bidders should regularly visit website(s) to keep themselves updated.


            Man Mohan Kumar

              Sr. Engineer (FTX )