Township Civil Maintenance & Construction Division, BHEL Bhopal invites sealed bid in two part (Part-I: Techno-commercial Bid; Part-II: Price Bid) for following work from experienced and financially sound bidders who fulfil the qualifying criterion contained in the tender document: 


NIT No & Date

TA/TCL/10/18-19   Dated  19.06.2018

1) Name of work

Clearing, desilting and disinfection of various units of BHEL Water Filtration Plant, Jail Hill, Bhopal

2) Estimated Cost of Work

As per Schedule “A” (Excluding GST)

3) Completion Period              

12 (Twelve) Months Or Exhaustion of Contract amount, whichever is earlier.

4) Qualification Criteria

(i).   Technical/Work Experience criteria  :  The bidder should have the experience of having successfully done similar work(s) against completed work order(s) during the last seven years ending last day of month previous to the one in which Tender shall be opened. The total value(s) of work(s) executed by the bidder against such work order(s) for qualifying against this tender shall be either of the following:

§     Total executed value against one similar completed work order not less than Rs. 1.62 lakh,


§     Total executed value against each of the two similar completed work orders not less than Rs. 1.01 lakh 


§     Total executed value against each of the three similar completed work orders not less than Rs. 0.81 lakh 


Similar work(s) shall mean Cleaning/hygienical maintenance of water storage tank(s)/water storage structure(s) and/or civil work(s) of any nature.


Note:- The tenderer shall submit relevant documents such as copies of work order and work completion/experience certificate etc. in support of his experience along with the technical bid. Experience of work(s) done for private customer(s) shall not be considered under any circumstance.

(ii).   Bidder must possess PAN & GST Identification No. (as applicable). Copy of PAN card and GSTIN should be enclosed along with the offer.

(iii). PF & ESI Nos. are a statutory requirement. It is, therefore, desirable that the tenderer submits them along with his techno-commercial bid. A tenderer may, however, be considered for qualification techno-commercially even if he is, already, not in possession of the same or if he does not submit them along with his techno-commercial bid.

Such a tenderer, on becoming successful and upon award of work, shall, however, be required to mandatorily submit PF & ESI registration numbers within 15 days or some such period as specified by the department (as the case may be) after the date of issuance of Letter of Intent (LOI) but before deployment of labour to commence the work failing which penal action as deemed fit shall be taken by the department against the tenderer.

 Such a tenderer shall, in this regard, give an undertaking in writing along with his techno-commercial bid that he would submit PF & ESI registration numbers subsequent to award of work through LOI as desired by the department.


A.            All the above mentioned criteria shall be met by the bidder himself and not by any associate bidder.

B.            The bidder is required to submit documentary evidence in support of each of the above qualifying criteria.

5) Earnest Money             

Rs 4055/- The EMD shall be accepted only in e-Mode (NEFT/RTGS/Net-banking/POS/SB COLLECT etc.) The online receipt shall be enclosed along with the techno-commercial bid. For NEFT/RTGS payment, refer bank details as per Annexure ”X”. For SB Collect/Net Banking payment, follow the link mentioned at 9(ii) of this NIT.

6) Tender cost

Rs. 500/- + GST extra @12%  The Tender Cost shall be accepted only in e-Mode (NEFT/RTGS/Net-banking/POS/SB COLLECT etc.) The online receipt shall be enclosed along with the techno-commercial bid. For NEFT/RTGS payment, refer bank details as per Annexure ”X”. (Tender Cost is mandatory & non-returnable). For SB Collect/Net banking payment, follow the link mentioned at 9(ii) of this NIT.

7) LD penalty Clause

Yes 0.5% per Week of Contract Value subject to maximum of 10%.

8) Venue for submission & opening of tender

Office of MANAGER (TCL-PLG.), Hostel No. 4, Piplani, BHEL, Bhopal Ph no: - 2503674, 2505955.

9) Other information

i) The Contractor has to obtain & submit the central labour license as per prevailing rules after award of the work/LOI.

ii) “Online e-payment” facility through SB-collect is available on intranet as well as internet. This is for deposition of Tender Cost, Security deposit and Earnest money deposit by the participating tenderers.

 Following is the link:-

[For first time user “Help Documents” is also available on page under which general information relating to procedure for depositing amount is available on page number 2 and 3. In addition to above for specific query related to type of deposit, demo with the template is also on respective page mentioned on page no 2 of the help documents.]

iii) After issuance of LOI, the contractor shall complete all the required formalities of contract agreement in time as stipulated in LOI failing which penalty shall be imposed as per clause no. 10 of Special terms and condition of tender.


Due date & time of bid submission

On 28.06.2018; UPTO 03:30 PM

Due date & time of bid opening (Techno commercial Bid)

At 28.06.2018; 4:00 PM onward





















































1.            For detail, refer tender documents.

2.            Detailed tender documents can be obtained from the office of MANAGER (TCL-PLG.) or can be downloaded from website of BHEL (

3.            BHEL reserves the right to accept or reject any of the bid / all the bids or cancel or withdraw the invitation of tender without assigning any reason whatsoever and in such case  no bidder/intending bidder shall have any claim arising out of such action by BHEL.

4.            All corrigendum, corrections, amendments, time extensions, clarifications etc., to the tender notice will be hosted on BHEL website ( and Bidders should regularly visit website(s) to keep themselves updated.




Hostel No 4, Sampada Bhavan

BHEL, Piplani, Bhopal-462022

Ph: 0755-2503674/2505955,